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Khaira’s exit from AAP stirs mixed response in Bholath

Kapurthala, January 8- Some residents of Bholath are terming their MLA Sukhpal Khaira as a “party hopper”, while others are calling him a “revolutionary leader of Punjab”. His resignation from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has evoked a mixed reaction.Khaira’s decision to quit AAP has not just shaken the political circles, but also triggered a debate in his constituency. Sahil Walia, a teacher in Nadala town of Bholath says, “He left AAP because it did not go the way he wanted it to be. So he was left with no option but to walk away and form his own party. We need to support him in his larger mission for Punjab. In Bholath, however, we need to have a new local leader who will work for the development. We still have a huge sewage disposal issue in the entire constituency”.
Paramjit, working as a driver in Bholath, did not seem to be happy with Khaira’s way of working. “There has been no development in our area. Drugs are being sold openly and the MLA has not bothered and rather left us in the lurch. He has not shown any political stability. He has only watched his personal interests and has often remained in Chandigarh.”
Even Khaira’s native village Ramgarh remains divided on the issue. Newly elected sarpanch Nirmal Singh claims: “Khaira has done no development work and all facilities around were of the time when his father Sukhjinder Singh served here. For the same reason, people rejected his sister-in-law here in the panchayat elections.”
The MLA’s namesake Sukhpal Singh, a village shopkeeper, however, differs from the sarpanch. He says: “Khaira has helped us in tough times. As a person, he has been very generous to us. We will be with him in whatever he does. If he goes Malwa side, we will support him.”